Bathroom Vanity Lighting Tips

Posted by Ben Thompson on 09.1.19


Lighting your bathroom vanity can be tricky. Have you ever been in a bathroom and felt that it was either too dark or that the lighting was not flattering at all? Knowing where to place fixtures, what type of fixtures, how many to choose, and selecting the right light bulbs are important considerations. But, where to you start?

Read our bathroom vanity lighting tips below for a few helpful guidelines.

  1. The ideal place to place lighting fixtures is on both sides of the mirror at eye level, which the American Lighting Association says is between 65-70 inches from the floor. This placement should provide even, adequate lighting for your face and not cause any shadows.
  2. When wall space or the size of the bathroom doesn’t allow placement beside the mirrors, mounting lights above the mirror at 78” from the floor it is your next best bet.
  3. Choose a fixture(s) that compliments the other design elements in your bathroom.
  4. Consult your designer for guidance on the size of your lights. Something too small will look just as add as something too large.
  5. Use opaque or frosted bulbs in your fixtures to avoid casting shadows.
  6. Install dimmers to allow adjustment in the evening or when you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.
  7. Avoid installing recessed lighting over your sink as it will create shadows on your face.
  8. Remember to add other sources of lighting throughout the bathroom such as a ceiling mounted fixture or recessed lights in the shower area.

We hope you find these tips helpful when choosing your bathroom vanity fixtures. Check out our Bathroom Portfoliofor more ideas on bathroom lighting.

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