Fine Craftsmanship is Worth the Wait

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.31.17

Abracadabra – your remodel is finished! It would be amazing if we could simply snap our fingers and present a gorgeous kitchen remodel like a magic trick, but unfortunately, we aren’t magicians. The truth is, every remodeling project is a custom construction project completed by human hands and fine craftsmanship takes time, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

With any renovation, there are certain items that can add to your overall timeline. As a rule of thumb, if you have custom or specialty items within your design plan, your lead-time will take a bit longer than if you selected ready-made or standard materials. Keep in mind that the designer on your project will be able to give you information on the availability and delivery times for the material selections that you make for your project, but here is a list of items that will require a little extra time.

  • Custom cabinetry. If you require a non-standard size cabinet or want to incorporate specialty storage in your kitchen or bathrooms, you may be looking at custom cabinetry. Many cabinet manufacturers offer semi-custom options that allow you to make some changes to sizes, configurations or finishes that won’t require much, if any additional wait time.
  • Custom windows and doors. If your home is older or was built by a custom builder, you may have a few windows or doors that are not standard sized. Check with your designer to find out if you have any other options, sometimes there is a creative solution that can alleviate having to order a custom size.
  • Unusual or rare materials. This can range from an exotic wood species or a rare piece of granite, but in any case, if it’s something that is a limited resource or not manufactured in the United States, you will have to allow time for the material to be sourced.

The great thing about remodeling today is that you have so many options. If you require a tight timeframe, discuss that with your designer and they can recommend selections that will meet your needs. Conversely, if you have a vision that requires custom materials and you don’t have a specific deadline to meet, take your time and build your dream project. Whatever you choose, it will be worth the wait!

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