Renovations for Empty Nesters

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.27.19

After the children are grown and move out of the house, many homeowners find themselves with extra space.  Suddenly, your four bedroom home may have a couple of bedrooms collecting dust, a formal dining area that is only used sparingly, or other spaces that used to be kid-friendly that could use an update.  This is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate how you want to use your home for the coming years.

Thompson Remodeling has had the opportunity to assist many empty nesters with transforming their home into a place that better suits their new lifestyle. Here’s a list of renovation ideas for empty nesters who want to transform some of their unused rooms into functional spaces that can be enjoyed for years to come.

  1. A fabulous master suite. Utilize adjacent bedrooms in your home to expand your master suite. With the additional space gained from an unused bedroom you could add a sitting room, a new en-suite bath, or an expansive walk-in closet – or all three!
  2. Welcoming guest quarters. Take one of the children’s rooms and transform it into a guest room.Start by clearing out all of the old furniture and then repaint, change the flooring, and renovate the hall bath with updated finishes and fixtures.
  3. Home gym.Having a space at home to do your workouts is super convenient.  Whether you prefer running on the treadmill, yoga, or lifting weights, you can customize a bedroom or other unused space into your own exercise area.   
  4. Hobby space. Create a space to do something you love. We’ve seen all sorts of hobby spaces from art studios, to libraries, and even gift-wrapping stations. Dedicate an area in your home where you can house all of the tools or items needed and make it your own hobby haven.

Many empty nesters have wanted to update their kitchen for years, but it never seemed like the right time. Now that the children are out of the house it can be easier to coordinate.  You’ll also enjoy the freedom of making selections that suit your preferred aesthetics and may even want to splurge on those fancy appliances or something else you’ve been dreaming of having for years.

Another space that could be renovated to suit your empty nester needs is the basement.  Transform the kid’s hangout spaces to media rooms, bar spaces, or a guest suite.

If you are an empty nester who is ready to make some updates to your home, please reach out to us.  We’d love to discuss your ideas and design something that will maximize the functionality in your home to better suite your new lifestyle.




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