New Material Focus: Lava Stone Countertops

Posted by Ben Thompson on 02.13.17

Would you be surprised to know that you can get a countertop made of natural volcanic rock? Lava stone is exactly that, pieces of volcanic rock that have been quarried from ancient eruption sites in France and Italy. It’s a great option for homeowners who want a natural stone material, but prefer it in a vibrant color that granite or marble cannot offer.


How is it made?

During the finishing process, lava stone slabs are covered with an enamel glaze, and then fired at a high heat to create a smooth finish, characterized by webs of lines and cracks known as “crazing”. This glaze is the secret to creating the rainbow of lava stone colors.


What are the benefits of lava stone?

This sustainable material is extremely sturdy, heat resistant and can withstand the placement of hot pans directly on its surface. Its color will not fade and is hard to scratch or chip. The nonporous surface keeps water out and prevents bacteria growth and staining, which means it doesn’t require sealing or special cleaning. All of these benefits make it great for indoor and outdoor use.

The only notable negative to this material is its price as there is currently only one company (Lavarte) manufacturing it in the United States. We can only hope that other manufacturers will take on this new material to make it more accessible for the masses.

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