Bathroom Remodel Story: Retro Bath Gets a Classic Update

Posted by Ben Thompson on 12.5.16

Project Story:  This master bathroom was out-of-date and the homeowners couldn't wait to see their retro vanity and flooring disappear.  The existing white tiled countertop made you feel like you had time traveled back to the 70’s.  The homeowner told us the bathroom felt “gross” and the counters was really hard to clean. They wanted to update the space to be more cohesive with the rest of their home. She had a very specific design aesthetic: light, clean, and airy.  Updating all the finishes and improving the shower footprint were critical to a successful design.



img_8951 After


Before Before

img_8937 After

A spacious, l-shaped Maple vanity with Dove finish offers double the amount of storage space. The new Viaterra quartz looks classic and is much easier to maintain. Custom-made Ghost Wood mirrors and floating shelves fabricated out of distressed wood and galvanized piping create focal points amongst the clean white selections.

After After

Gorgeous Eramosa Ice ceramic tile floors add a splash of silver.

img_7739 Before

After After

The new shower feels much larger even though it’s in the existing footprint. A special shaving niche was placed 6” off the ground. The basketweave tile floor adds some geometric interest in the otherwise clean, white space.


This retro bath has been transformed into a classic space that feels much larger than before.

The owners love the custom mirrors and shelves and ceramic tile floor that were added to bring just the right amount of interest into an otherwise clean, white palette.

In addition to improved beauty and functionality, the  countertops, flooring, and shower are much easier to clean!

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