Tips for Finding Inspiration for Your Remodeling Selections

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.10.19

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your dream kitchen.  Take a virtual walk around and notice the cabinets, countertops, and the floor. What are the colors and textures that stand out to you? Do you see any special details such as a unique sink or range hood?

What we’ve just asked you to imagine are the aesthetic details that define the signature style of your remodel.  The materials that you choose to create your space are known as remodeling selections and include things like cabinetry, counters, flooring, lighting, fixtures, appliances, and hardware. 

As you begin the design portion of your remodeling journey, your design team will work with you to discover the best selections for your remodel.  This is an exciting time, as you will start to visualize how things will come together in your finished space. 

Inspiration for your remodeled spaces can come from just about anywhere and we encourage clients to explore a variety of activities to help them find things that they love.  Here are our tips for finding inspiration for your remodeling selections.

  1. Think about your own favorite places. In your everyday travels or family vacations, are there places that you’ve been where you really loved the atmosphere? Inspiration can come from a hotel or bed and breakfast where you’ve stayed that had a fabulous bathroom, or a restaurant or coffee shop that had a great light fixture or beautiful flooring.Perhaps it’s your parent’s or grandparent’s home that has special touches that you want to replicate. Make a list of those favorite places and what is about each that you loved.
  2. Collect photos that inspire you. There’s no shortage of gorgeous photography online of just about any room you can imagine. We recommend starting with Houzz, an online site dedicated to home remodeling and design where you can search and find specific room photos that you love and create Idea Books to save them all in one place.  Instagram and Pinterest can also be fun sites to explore as well and both allow you to save favorite photos so you can share them with your design team.
  3. Read home and design magazines. Grab a few design magazines and flip through the pages and tear out any that you gravitate towards. Have a stack of post-it notes handy and identify what it is about each photo that you like.
  4. Check out remodeler’s photo galleries on their website. A great place to find inspiration is in your professional remodeler’s online project gallery.  We recommend that our new clients take a look at ours to get ideas for their own remodel.

We hope that you find these tips helpful! Be sure to share all of your inspiration ideas with your design team. They will be excited to help bring your dream space to life!



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