What's New In Appliances for 2019?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 02.25.19

Wow! We’ve been doing some research and there are some really nice new colors, finishes, and innovations available in appliances.  Each year we learn about new technology and it seems homeowners are eager to take advantage of those appliance options.  New finishes however, take a bit longer to trickle down into our local neighborhood kitchens. The annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) just wrapped up so it was the perfect time for us to take a look and see what’s new out there. Here’s what we found was making waves at the show.

  • Samsung’s Champagne Finish Washer & Dryer.  Mudrooms and laundry rooms are a great place to add some color, so we love that Samsung is offering this brand new satin metal tone.Photo by Samsung

  • Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances. This bronze hue has a soft textured finish and would look beautiful with cream or dark wood cabinetry.Photo by Samsung
  • Flat Design. Kitchen appliances with flat surfaces or faces that sit flush to your counter or cabinets to create clean, uninterrupted lines. Many feature recessed doors or handles, hidden displays, and minimal dispensers.Photo by Samsung
  • GE’s Modern Glass Collection. A new glass finish available for exteriors and handles on their Café line creates a glossy and almost iridescent look to the appliance.

Photo by GE

  • Bosch’s Dishwashers with “CrystalDry”. Raise your hand if you hate unloading clean dishes that are still wet. This new feature will heat water to 176 degrees and then circulate hot air to evaporate remaining moisture.
  • Ovens with Air Fryer Modes. GE and Frigidaire will both offer ovens that include an air fryer mode.  Air fried food is a much healthier and less messy way to prepare food with a crispy, fried-like texture.
  • Signature Kitchen Suite’s Dual Fuel Pro Range with built in Sous Vide. What is sous vide you ask? It’s a way of cooking food in a vacuum-sealed pouch that has been submerged in a water bath.Sous Vide Steak Features Blade_1440_1280Photo by Signature Kitchen Suite

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