Featured | 02.22.23

Five of Our Favorite New Kitchen Appliances

Earlier this month, 40,000 attendees including builders, remodelers, and designers attended the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), a massive show of 500 exhibitors, to see the latest products and innovations in the industry. We really look forward to hearing about the newest kitchen appliances seen at the show, and this year didn't disappoint! Here's a look at five of our favorites:

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Kitchens | 01.23.21

The Best New Kitchen & Bath Products from CES 2021

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the place to see the latest innovations in electronics, including new appliances. Even though this year’s event was held virtually, 2,000 companies introduced new products. We’ve done the research to find the most exciting items coming our way for kitchens and baths. Here are four of the most impressive.

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Featured | 02.25.19

What's New In Appliances for 2019?

Wow! We’ve been doing some research and there are some really nice new colors, finishes, and innovations available in appliances. Each year we learn about new technology and it seems homeowners are eager to take advantage of those appliance options. New finishes however, take a bit longer to trickle down into our local neighborhood kitchens. The annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) just wrapped up so it was the perfect time for us to take a look and see what’s new out there. Here’s what we found was making waves at the show.

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Kitchens | 05.9.14

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances is as easy as 1,2,3!

Stainless steel appliances are still the number one selection for kitchen remodels. It's easy to see why. They look great, blend well with all varieties of cabinets and most countertops, and can be used in both traditional and contemporary spaces. But, anyone who owns stainless steel appliances know that they have a tendency to show fingerprints, which means the need frequent cleaning. Stainless is more sensitive than other finishes so you must use the right materials and cleansers to avoid damage to the surface.

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