How to Care for Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.25.10


Care:  Remove loose dirt by sweeping or vacuuming floors. Tile can be slippery when wet, so dry immediately, and wipe up spills. To protect your floor against abrasive dirt, sweep often and use floor mats. No sealing is necessary. For a backsplash, wipe up oily or acidic stains as soon as possible. Some shrinking of grout (and thus thin cracks) may occur during winter, this is normal and should resolve itself once the air gets less dry.

Cleaning: Damp mop or spot clean floors as necessary. For a backsplash, clean as necessary with a damp cloth. You can use a mild soapy water, rinse immediately to avoid buildup.  Recommended cleaners are pH neutral tile cleaner. Even sealed grout can get dirty and if not cleaned regularly can stain. For deep cleaning of grout, a bristled brush or toothbrush can be used for stubborn dirt. Do not use waxed based products, or cleaners meant for vinyl floors. To minimize build-up if tile is in a shower, do not use bar soap, but liquid body wash.

Specialty Tile (such as metal): Clean with damp cloth. Never use corrosive or acidic-based cleaners.

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