How to Care for Wood Flooring

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.25.10

Care: Due to the fact that wood is a natural, soft material, a wood floor will eventually scratch-there is no way around this! However preventative care can minimize this. Use throw and area rugs. Remove shoes before entering the area. Avoid wearing high heels, which can leave divets. Use furniture pads.  Daily sweeping  to remove dirt is one of the best ways to keep your floor looking its best. A humidifier in the winter can help prevent shrinkage.

Cleaning: Wipe up spills as soon as possible. Avoid wet mopping your floors or exposing it to large amounts of water. The best way to clean a wood floor is to first thoroughly sweep the area. Then use a specially formulated wood floor cleaner and a microfiber cloth type mop. Spray cleaner directly on the floor and mop. Bona and Armstrong cleaner and mop heads are recommended brands. Never use products for a waxed floor, it can dull the finish.

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