Progress Feels Good

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.2.10


Thompson Remodeling is remodeling my bathroom.  I just found myself walking into the bathroom and looking over the project.  Obviously, I do this all the time for the clients of TRI but it's different for me as the client.  It's even more fun!

Today, Charlie cut down the legs on the two vanities so that it's perfectly in line with the mosaic tile back splash.  I noticed this little detail as I was doing what I call, "The walk around."  It happens every night when our clients get home from work.  They walk into the project space and touch, feel their way through the project.  It's a daily ritual and our staff tries very hard to be above reproach in our cleanliness and self-management.

Kristin's design choices all look fantastic, the craftsmanship is great, and I am having so much fun.  I love this bathroom!

This is the final frontier on the inside of our home and we have done so much work to get to this point.  There is an absolute thrill with having a vision for our home and seeing it come to fruition.  Dan from Somerdyke Plumbing is coming by tomorrow to do the final hook up.  This weekend we'll paint and install the bath accessories.  Early next week is final electrical.  I can't wait to take a shower in there tomorrow and be done next week.

Hey, what is the final frontier to take on in your home?  Or what's the next step for you on your journey to Love Where You Live?  Feel free to tell me by leaving a comment about your home plans.

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