Featured | 03.31.18

A Selection Our Clients Love – Pendant Lighting  

Pendant lighting has become a very popular choice for our clients who are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.  This type of light hangs from the ceiling from a pole, cord, or chain and comes in a wide variety sizes, styles, and materials. Often, they become a focal point, which makes them an important part of the overall design aesthetic for a room. From oversized lanterns to more refined decorative glass or intricate metal designs, there is pendant light available to suit nearly any space.

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Trends | 11.1.13

Top Five Trends in Lighting

What’s one of the first things you do when you enter a room? Turn on the lights! Obviously, lighting is a necessity in your home and there are limitless options available to do the job.  But beyond the functional purpose of bringing light into a space, it is also a key part of developing the design aesthetic for a room. Lighting evokes personality and style into living spaces.  Fortunately, there are selections available to fit any need, taste and budget.

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