Family Friendly Remodeling Ideas

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.30.18

Planning a remodel for a household with children requires careful thought to include materials and selections that are safe, durable, and functional. It may surprise you, but this can be done without sacrificing beauty or style. Over the years, we’ve worked with families of all sizes to design spaces that are not only kid-friendly, but look great too!  With consideration for each individual family’s needs, we look for solutions to improve daily functionality both today and in the future as your children grow up. Take a look at our list of family friendly remodeling ideas below. We think you’ll find some of them to be great ideas for any household considering a remodel.

  1. Motion sensor light switches. Stop worrying about forgetting to turn the lights off and install motion sensor switches in bathrooms, bedrooms, or even closets. Lights come on when you enter and will switch off on their own. An added bonus: no messy fingerprints on your light switches!
  2. Soft close cabinets. Prevent slamming the cabinet doors and drawers by selecting cabinets that have a soft close mechanism.
  3. Kitchen islands or peninsulas with seating. Keep the kids within view while you are preparing meals and create a seating area by adding stools around the kitchen island or peninsula. It will become the perfect spot for eating breakfast, casual meals, or doing homework.IMG_2922
  4. Second sink in the kitchen. The addition of a smaller, second sink in your kitchen can be a lifesaver.  This works well for kids that like to help with the cooking or just to make it easier for them to get in and out to wash their hands quickly.
  5. Beverage fridges. A small refrigerator dedicated to juice boxes, milk, or other drinks makes it easy for the kids to grab it and go without having to get into the main refrigerator.
  6. Family command center. Adding a small desk with a message area for family communication in your kitchen or mudroom creates a dedicated spot for dropping and picking up important papers as well as great place to post chores, shopping lists, or other messages.IMG_1123 (1)
  7. Pantry with pullouts. An organized pantry is a delight for everyone who uses the kitchen. Make things easy to find with pullout drawers and movable shelves.
  8. Floating vanities. A vanity that is secured to the wall that does not extend all the way to the floor is considered a floating vanity. They not only look great, but they offer space underneath to house a stool for little ones who can’t reach the sink.  IMG_3369
  9. Tiled bathroom walls. Bathrooms can get really messy with flying toothpaste, muddy feet, and a whole host of other potential mishaps. Extending tile mid-way up the wall can make clean up super easy.IMG_5264
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. With the look of hardwood and the benefits of being water proof and scuff resistant, LVP is one of the best choices you can make for flooring today.IMG_9361

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