Reading the Signs - Eight Top Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.19.18

Have you ever noticed that your kitchen seems to have some sort of gravitational pull for anyone who enters your home?  And it’s not only when you have guests, even your own family finds themselves drawn into the kitchen when it’s not time to eat. We’ve all come to accept the spell that it has on us and our guests, which is why homeowners choose to remodel this space more than any other in their homes.  Homeowners tend to be ultra critical of the kitchen when it’s not working or looking the best that it could.   Are you seeing signs in your own kitchen that it’s time to remodel?

Here are the eight reasons that we see most often when our clients decide it’s time to remodel their kitchen.

  1. It’s closed in.Many older homes in Grand Rapids have floor plans where the kitchen is partially or completed closed off from other rooms in the home.  Today’s preference is to have a kitchen that is open to other living spaces to improve family connections and entertaining. An open kitchen design allows a visual and physical connection to family and guests.
  2. Frequent traffic jams. If you find yourself bumping into others at the sink or refrigerator on a regular basis, you may have a flow problem. Great kitchen design will take common tasks like grabbing a drink into consideration and place necessary items out of main workflow areas.
  3. More than one cook. This is another common issue with older kitchens; they were designed for one person to perform the prep and cooking duties. For many families, there are two cooks on a daily basis and sometimes more when the holidays come around. Creating multiple workstations and wider walkways are just two examples of how multiple cooks can be accommodated.
  4. You’ve decided to age-in-place. Homeowners who make the decision to stay in their homes after retirement will want to take a close look at cabinet, pantry and appliance layouts.  Drawer front cabinets make finding things much easier, as do pull out shelving in pantries.  Under cabinet microwaves are easier to use and don’t require lifting items overhead.
  5. Child safety concerns. When you have little ones in the home, there are many considerations to make in the kitchen such as minimizing the risk of burns from a range or stovetop or adding countertops with smooth edges. Conveniences can also be added for kids as they get older such as under cabinet refrigerators for self-serve healthy snacks and beverages.
  6. Clutter everywhere. You may be crunched for space if you find your counters littered with “stuff” or the top of the fridge has become your only storage area. A talented designer will work with you to determine all the types of storageyou may need and can even work out a plan for each and every cabinet and drawer.
  7. It’s outdated.When you walk into the kitchen, does it feel like you’ve slipped into a time warp? Whether it’s the selections being out of date or the appliances are starting to break down – your kitchen may be ready for a remodel.
  8. Not your style. You long for a white farmhouse style kitchenand every day you find yourself hating those dark wood cabinets a little bit more. When the most used room in your home clashes with your preferred design aesthetic it becomes a real source of dissatisfaction.

Did you find yourself nodding your head “yes” as you were reading? Perhaps it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Whatever your reasons, Thompson Remodeling can transform yours into a space that you’ll love and be happy to entertain family and guests. When you’re ready, please give us a callto discuss your ideas for your dream kitchen!








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