Featured | 03.27.19

Renovations for Empty Nesters

After the children are grown and move out of the house, many homeowners find themselves with extra space. Suddenly, your four bedroom home may have a couple of bedrooms collecting dust, a formal dining area that is only used sparingly, or other spaces that used to be kid-friendly that could use an update. This is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate how you want to use your home for the coming years.

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Featured | 05.31.18

Five Great Design Details for Your Master Bedroom Remodel

Recently, we’ve noticed that homeowners are looking to make their master bedroom a bit more functional, taking them beyond just a space for sleeping. Maybe you’d like a place to read or watch some tv, or perhaps you’d like a private entrance to an outdoor patio. Some of these design details can even transform a bedroom into more of a master suite living room. That sounds like a great place to start or end your day!

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Love Where You Live | 10.30.12

Basement Remodeling Trends

Trends are changing, basements are now an extension of a home's look and style. A basement remodel has the potential to add function to your home. Since we are spending so much time indoors during the winter months, remodeling your basement may become a necessity.

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