Featured | 08.13.18

10 Ways to Incorporate Your Signature Style into Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the top benefits of remodeling any space in your home is the ability to make it suit your individual style preferences.  When you purchase a resale property, there’s bound to be a room or two (and sometimes the whole house) that has finishes and fixtures that you just don’t like.  Even when you’ve lived in a home for 5-10 years you may find that your personal tastes have shifted over time and you now have the urge to make some updates. 

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flooring options | 02.21.18

Help! I love hardwood flooring, but my kids & pets will destroy them.

   Who doesn’t love the beauty and richness of hardwood flooring? We work with clients every day who envision their renovated spaces with a gorgeous new wood floor, but for households with children and pets, it sometimes isn’t the most practical option. They need something that can withstand high foot traffic, spills, and pet accidents, but don’t want to sacrifice style and beauty for something durable. Well, here’s the good news!

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Trends | 04.21.17

2017 Tile Trend Report

Coverings is an annual trade show that showcases the latest tile and stone products. Earlier in April, the show was held in Orlando and featured 9 miles worth of trends and exhibits. Wow, that’s a lot of floor and wall coverings! Although we didn't attend, we've done our research to keep up with the latest innovations and how designers and trendsetters are using tile. Since the majority of our remodeling projects include flooring and sometimes wall coverings, tile is a material we talk about every day. And if you are planning a remodeling project, it’s probably in your future as well. So, take a look and check out the trends that were spotted at this year’s Coverings show below.

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Thompson Tips | 03.7.16

The Best Kid and Pet Friendly Flooring Options

If your household includes children or pets, your flooring can take a beating. You should select a material that can withstand the wear and tear of little feet and paws running around and the accidents that will inevitably occur. Fortunately, today there are many great choices you can make without sacrificing style and comfort.  

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Love Where You Live | 10.10.14

Let's talk about green flooring options

Eco-friendly green flooring is a great way to green up your home, but how do you decide which application to go with? Manufacturers have provided more gorgeous options in the last few years to accommodate the high demand for eco-friendly options. Before you invest in new floors that will literally get a lot of foot traffic, let’s discuss the pros and cons of these most popular types of green flooring.

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Love Where You Live | 09.27.14

A simple guide to flooring options

Flooring is a selection that you will need to make for nearly all types of remodeling projects. There are lots of options available and each has distinct pros and cons. We’re dedicating this blog to reviewing the most popular flooring options and providing you with the pros and cons of each. When making your flooring decision, you will want to consider your budget, the style you’d like to evoke, and the function of the room.  Also, think about the users and amount of traffic you expect the room to get. Children and pets can weigh heavily on your selection, as well as high traffic areas versus low.

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Trends | 01.30.14

Top Flooring Trends in Home Remodeling

Flooring is one of the most important selections you will make for your home remodeling project.  When you’re looking at the many options, you may want to consider some of the hottest flooring trends we are seeing in home remodeling today.

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