Featured | 02.10.19

Seven Renovation Tips for a Brighter Home

Do you have a room in your home that always feels dark and dreary? Take a look around the space, is it well lit, or does it lack natural or artificial light sources? Homes with poor lighting can feel small, uninviting, and even affect our mood.  If you feel that yours fits this description, don’t despair; there are several renovation options you can undertake to make your home feel lighter, brighter, and happier!

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Trends | 08.23.15

Five Hot Lighting Trends in Remodeling

Let's talk about lighting trends! The lighting plan is an essential part of the remodeling design for any space.  As designers, one of our top goals is to ensure that a room has adequate lighting to perform daily tasks comfortably.  Once we understand the functions the lighting must perform, then we can move on to the style.

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