Featured | 09.15.20

Get An Inside Look at Four Whole House Remodels

Do either of these statements ring true to you? - You love your neighborhood and can't imagine moving, but your house just doesn't fit your family's lifestyle anymore.   - You found a less than perfect house in exactly the right location. Instead of moving or passing up your dream neighborhood, consider a whole house remodel. Thompson Remodeling has worked with many families and singles to reconfigure houses and condos by creating custom floorplans to support specific style preferences and lifestyles.  If you find yourself living in the perfect neighborhood in the not-so-perfect house, take a look at how we've changed the four homes below to get ideas and inspiration. The stories below include after photos of projects, but go one step further by providing before photos and explaining the "why" behind the remodel's design.

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Featured | 07.22.18

Natural Elements Take Center Stage in this Whole House Remodel

Our clients were empty nesters who had decided to remodel their home instead of moving. We were happy to work with them to complete a whole house remodel, which included renovating the entire exterior, energy upgrades throughout, a new kitchen, updated fireplace, living room, dining room, and main entry. See this remodel story come to life through the series of before and after photos below. 

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Love Where You Live | 03.7.11

Love Where You Live - Again

We buy a house because of the vision we have for it.  We see ourselves living here.  We see our family future here.  Then slowly we begin to look at our house differently.

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