front entry | 12.11.17

Front Porch Remodel Spotlight: A New Entry with Nostalgic Roots

The owners of this beautiful historic farmhouse had been painstakingly restoring it bit by bit. One of the last items on their list was to create a wrap-around front porch to create a more distinct and obvious entrance to the front of their home.

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Bathrooms | 12.11.17

5 Benefits of a No-Threshold Shower

Have you seen a no-threshold shower? It’s a shower that has no curb or surrounding edge to it, making it flush with the bathroom floor. You may have also heard the terms barrier-free, curbless walk-in-shower or zero threshold, but they are all the same thing. I know what you may be thinking. Where is all the water going to go? Won’t I have a flood on my hands after every shower? No! The secret to containing the water is in the drainage system. This type of shower will have either a trench drain, which is a long and narrow drain placed where the shower door would be placed, or a center drain with the floor just slightly pitched towards it.

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Kitchens | 12.11.17

Kitchen Remodel Spotlight: Mission Accomplished!

This desperately dark kitchen was suffering from a lack of light, storage and a poor layout. The main source of light was provided by a decades old ceiling fan, the refrigerator blocked the main traffic path to and from the living room, and a sliding door was taking up prime real estate that could be used for storage.

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Trends | 05.16.15

A Selection Our Clients Love – Subway Tiles

We love writing blogs about some of the popular selections our clients have been making for their remodeling projects. Usually we call title those blogs “Trends our clients love”, but in this case we can hardly call this selection a trend since it’s been around for over 100 years. Here’s a super quick history lesson - when the first underground train station opened in New York City in 1904 the walls and ceilings were graced with white 3"x6” tiles. These white tiles became known as subway tile and quickly made their way into bathrooms and kitchens all over the country.

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Love Where You Live | 04.17.15

The Big Results Show is Tonight! Thompson Remodeling is Up for Two National CotYs.

Tonight is the night we have been anxiously awaiting! At 5:30 this evening, the winners of the National Level Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards will be announced and Thompson Remodeling is up for two! Our team will be watching the webcast to see the results and you can too by visiting this link. If you miss the show tonight, it will available for viewing online for the next 30 days. This year we won Regional CotY's in the Residential Bath $50,001-$75,000 and Basement Under $50,000 categories. Regional winners in each category go on to compete for the coveted National title.

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Trends | 02.27.15

A Trend Our Clients Love - Vinyl Plank Flooring

Who doesn’t love the look of hardwood floors? They are simply stunning and create a warm feeling to any room in the house. Although they are beautiful, they sometimes aren’t the best option for busy households with children and pets. Frequent spills and scattering toys can wreak havoc on a natural wood floor, fortunately there is a great solution – vinyl plank flooring!

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Love Where You Live | 01.17.15

Top Five Remodeling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

It’s that time of year again. Remodeling Magazine has just published its 2015 Cost Vs. Value Report, an annual report that compares how popular remodeling projects are retaining their value at re-sale throughout the country. We know that remodeling your home requires the commitment of time and thoughtful budgeting and the return on your investment is important. Making improvements today allows you to stay in your current home while the value of your whole house improves overtime. Not to mention, the pride you’ll have in your updated spaces!

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Love Where You Live | 01.2.15

A Basement Remodel Story: The Evolution of a Family Hang Out Space

This family’s basement had become a catch-all space and was sorely underutilized. Although it was spacious, the current layout wasn’t working. The homeowners wanted to transform this space from closed and dreary to open and inviting.

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Love Where You Live | 09.27.14

A simple guide to flooring options

Flooring is a selection that you will need to make for nearly all types of remodeling projects. There are lots of options available and each has distinct pros and cons. We’re dedicating this blog to reviewing the most popular flooring options and providing you with the pros and cons of each. When making your flooring decision, you will want to consider your budget, the style you’d like to evoke, and the function of the room. Also, think about the users and amount of traffic you expect the room to get. Children and pets can weigh heavily on your selection, as well as high traffic areas versus low.

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Love Where You Live | 08.15.14

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing - Craft and Hobby Room Ideas

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Love Where You Live | 07.26.14

How can I gain space in my home without building an addition?

Remodeling your existing space can improve your home’s function and flow. Many homeowners think that the best and easiest way to expand their living space is to build an addition. How can I gain space in my home without building an addition? And while sometimes an addition might be the best solution, there are actually several ways to gain space in your home by remodeling its existing spaces. Thompson Remodeling can help you take a good look at all the rooms in your home and how each is being utilized to determine if a remodel in your existing space makes sense for your family.

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Trends | 07.11.14

7 Ways to Improve the Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light in your home enhances mood, adds ambiance and promotes a healthy environment. Who doesn't want a home that's warm, inviting and healthy? One of the easiest ways to improve your home in these areas is by enhancing and improving the flow of natural light. Better use of natural light also reduces energy consumption and can lower your utility bills.

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Love Where You Live | 06.20.14

How to set a realistic budget for your remodeling project

These 5 tips will help you set a realistic budget for your remodeling project. So you've decided you want to remodel your home. That's fantastic! Now, one of the first things you should do is develop a realistic budget. A remodeling project is a significant financial investment, one that will pay off in happiness and comfort as well as adding value to your home. To help you, we've put together a list of five tips to help you establish a realistic budget for your remodeling project.

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Love Where You Live | 06.13.14

Tips for Remodeling Your Laundry Room

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Love Where You Live | 05.16.14

Thompson Remodeling's Top 3 Tips for a Family Friendly Kitchen

Important things to consider when remodeling a family-friendly kitchen. Let's face it, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. Whether it's cooking meals, grabbing a snack or baking cookies, your kitchen is bound to see people of all ages passing through. Creating the family friendly kitchen to accommodate adults and children of all ages can be done. All it takes is looking at your family's habits and planning your design accordingly.

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