Bathrooms | 11.23.20

Our Most Dramatic Bathroom Remodels

Better functionality, updated finishes, and improved layouts are three elements of a great bathroom  remodel. Over the years, we have worked with many families to bring their bathroom vision to life, making their goals the driving force behind our creative designs. We've pulled together a few of our favorite bathroom remodels that had the most dramatic changes, including their before and after photos and links to the full stories behind the project.  Take a look below.

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| 11.13.20

Expanded Kitchen Islands Provide Much-Needed Multi-Functional Space

This year has been challenging. Many of the daily activities that used to take place outside of our homes are now happening at home. In the midst of all this change, homeowners have had to figure out how to accommodate working and schooling from home.  Now, more than ever, we are noticing the little problems with our homes, and the one room that gets the most attention is the kitchen!

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Featured | 10.30.20

Fun Family Activities to Celebrate Halloween Safely

This year Halloween feels a bit different, but don't let that spoil your fun! There are all sorts of  activities that you can do at home or in your neighborhood to celebrate Halloween safely. Check out our list of family friendly ideas below and start some new traditions that you can continue for years to come!

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Bathrooms | 10.26.20

Houzz Reports Top Bathroom Trends for 2020

Every year, Houzz, an online interior design and remodeling community, surveys their users who have recently completed or are planning a home project to learn more about trends and motivations behind specific renovation types. This year, nearly 1,600 homeowners provided their opinions on remodeling their bathrooms. We've read through the survey results and compiled a top 10 list of bathroom trends for 2020. Check it out below!

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Featured | 10.8.20

Urbane Bronze is Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2021

Paint companies and color authorities have started announcing their color of the year selections for 2021. One of the first to be named is Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze - a natural, calming, and serene shade of earthy brown.  It seems the experts believe that we need to surround ourselves with hues that will help us to relax.  Given the year that 2020 has shaped up to be, we couldn’t agree more!

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Care & Maintenance | 09.24.20

Thompson's Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

It's officially fall! Who else is ready to bid the summer goodbye and welcome in the cooler temperatures? The first few weekends of the fall season when the weather is still a bit warm is the  perfect time to tackle your fall home maintenance list. Prepping your home for cold weather not only helps you lower your utility bills, but can also prevent an unexpected disaster or costly repair.  We’ve put together a list of fall maintenance tasks that you can get started on this weekend.

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Featured | 09.15.20

Get An Inside Look at Four Whole House Remodels

Do either of these statements ring true to you? - You love your neighborhood and can't imagine moving, but your house just doesn't fit your family's lifestyle anymore.   - You found a less than perfect house in exactly the right location. Instead of moving or passing up your dream neighborhood, consider a whole house remodel. Thompson Remodeling has worked with many families and singles to reconfigure houses and condos by creating custom floorplans to support specific style preferences and lifestyles.  If you find yourself living in the perfect neighborhood in the not-so-perfect house, take a look at how we've changed the four homes below to get ideas and inspiration. The stories below include after photos of projects, but go one step further by providing before photos and explaining the "why" behind the remodel's design.

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Featured | 08.26.20

Get An Inside Look at Six Bathroom Remodels

A thoughtful bathroom remodel design can solve a variety of problems. Lack of storage, outdated finishes, and a dysfunctional layout are typically at the top of the list of complaints from homeowners who are ready to remodel their bathrooms. A great way to get ideas and find inspiration is to look at photos of bathroom remodels. Our Project Spotlight blogs include after photos of projects, but go one step further by providing before photos and the story behind the remodel's design.

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Bathrooms | 08.14.20

Thompson Remodeling's Bathroom Remodeling Resources

The bathrooms in our homes get more use than any other room in the house. The more people in your household, the more wear and tear it's going to take. Outdated or worn out finishes, lack of storage, and poor layout are the most common issues we discuss with clients who are planning a bathroom remodel.  Over the years we've created a lot of helpful resources for those who are getting ready to update their bathroom. We recommend reviewing the 10 listed below if you are considering one in your near future.

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Featured | 08.2.20

Thompson Remodeling's Kitchen Remodeling Resources

Kitchen remodels are always at the top of homeowner's remodeling wish lists and with all the time we've been spending at home this year, it has become a priority for many families. As we shelter at home, the problems with our kitchens become even more obvious and troublesome.  Lack of storage, outdated appliances and finishes, and dysfunctional layouts are just a few of the common issues we discuss with clients. Over the years we've created a lot of helpful resources for those who are getting ready to embark on a kitchen remodel. We recommend reviewing the 10 listed below if you are considering one in your near future.

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Featured | 07.25.20

Laundry Rooms Come Out of Hiding

Once upon a time, laundry areas could only be found hidden in the basement or tucked inside a hall closet. That’s all changed in today’s homes. Dedicated laundry rooms have become an expectation in new home construction and in existing homes, homeowners are remodeling to create larger and more convenient areas for laundry. Positioning the room close to bedrooms has become a very popular request and finishes are oftentimes just as nice as those used in the kitchen or master bathrooms.

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Thompson Tips | 07.14.20

Thompson Remodeling’s Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s summertime! We've put together a list of exterior and interior tasks to complete to keep your house in top shape. Pick a rainy weekend to tackle the interior jobs and a sunny day with milder temperatures for exterior items.   

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