On the Radio | 03.22.11

5 Plumbing Tips You Need to Know

Last week on the Home Improvement Show, Pat, Sandie and I did a segment on 10 Common Plumbing Tips and we rated them based on how practical, beneficial, and probable people are to actually benefit from these tips.  Here is my list of the 5 essential tips, nothing more:

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Love Where You Live | 02.20.11

TRHIS - Thompson Remodeling Home Improvement Service

For our design/build clients we stand in the middle of very complex projects.  We design, plan, coordinate, manage, and DO.  It is a service that requires professional expertise.  Adding an addition on to a home may have 30 different trades come together on that project, and we direct that process.  But what about the simple stuff - the hassle of maintaining your home?

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On the Radio | 02.2.11

Wall Around My Furnace

Listener Q: I don't want to look at my ugly furnace or water heater.  I want to build a wall around them.  How close can I put it?

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On the Radio | 12.15.10

Is an On-Demand Water Heater Right for Me?

For a lot of us it just seems silly to heat water all day long in a big tank to dose it out just at the beginning and end of the day.  On first glance it just makes more sense to use an on-demand water heater.  Here is a brief checklist of some of the hurdles many of our clients have been struggling with over the last 5+ years and honestly it keeps coming back to installed cost and their expectations of  "unending hot water."  My experience - I have a conventional water heater in my home.   I wish I had an on-demand water heater but it doesn't quite make sense in my home.  I first stayed in a house using on-demand water heating in Japan a few years ago and loved it!

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On the Radio | 04.23.10

Why Pipes Gurgle Q&A

Q: Good Morning Ben,   My son had a house built in Savannah Georgia and sent me this question. Thank you,   John

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On the Radio | 01.11.10

Shower Door Fix

Listener Response: "Good morning!   I enjoy your show each week, and heard your comments this morning on replacing shower door rollers.   Several months ago our shower door started to function poorly, and I found one of the rollers had worn out.  I went to the local hardware and plumbing store to pick up replacements (as always in these situations, if one of a set wears out it's best to replace all of them) but searching the plumbing section alone and then with a clerk no shower door rollers could be found.  On a hunch, I walked over to the "screen and patio door" area and, lo and behold, found a good stock of exactly the rollers I needed.  Best of all, because these (shower door) rollers hadn't sold well to (patio door) customers, I got all four for less than I'd normally have paid for a single roller, though frankly they're not expensive even at full price.   Fifteen minutes later, our shower doors opened and closed like new."   Gary from Pearline, MI

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