Kitchens | 08.1.21

FAQ: What is the purpose of a bulkhead?

A bulkhead is a section of ceiling that has been dropped and boxed-in or enclosed. It’s not uncommon to have bulkheads in your kitchen, bathroom or basement. Clients frequently ask us about bulkheads and want to understand their purpose and here’s our answer.

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Client Talk | 08.28.17

How to Bring Two Different Styles Together in Your Remodel.

Every person has their own decorating style and when you begin the selections process during your remodel those preferences will take center stage. After all, this is when you get to put your personal stamp on your renovation by picking tile, countertops, cabinets, flooring, paint colors, fixtures, and lighting. How exciting! You can see it all coming to life! But what if you and your other half don’t agree on style? You like ultra modern and they prefer a classic, traditional aesthetic. How in the world are you going to get through the process and both end up happy with the result? It can be done with a little patience, willingness to compromise and guidance from a seasoned designer.

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Bathrooms | 07.31.17

Fine Craftsmanship is Worth the Wait

Abracadabra – your remodel is finished! It would be amazing if we could simply snap our fingers and present a gorgeous kitchen remodel like a magic trick, but unfortunately, we aren’t magicians. The truth is, every remodeling project is a custom construction project completed by human hands and fine craftsmanship takes time, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

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Love Where You Live | 07.19.16

Combine Your Remodeling Projects to Save Money

Most Grand Rapids homeowners have a wish list of items they would like to improve in their home - maybe a kitchen remodel, updating the powder room, adding a mudroom, and finishing the basement. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all done at once? Would you be surprised to know that you could actually save money by having your remodeler complete the work at the same time? Yes it’s true; you can actually save money by combining remodeling projects.

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Love Where You Live | 05.27.16

Thompson’s Guide to Painting Kitchen Cabinets

In our last blog, we discussed how to determine if painting your own cabinets makes sense for you. If you were able to review our questions and have decided that you want to take on the project yourself, we’ve put together a list of tips to help make painting kitchen cabinets a success. Keep in mind that is that it takes time and patience to do it right and it’s more complicated that painting a room.

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Kitchens | 05.24.16

FAQ: Will painting my cabinets save me money on my kitchen remodel?

Many of our kitchen remodeling clients will ask us about painting their cabinets instead of replacing them. Often, they are considering taking on the task themselves as a DIY project. Before we can provide a simple yes or no answer to this question, there are a few important considerations. We certainly understand staying within budgets and looking for ways to save money, but sometimes painting your own cabinets may not be the best solution.

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Care & Maintenance | 05.13.16

Be Aware of These 10 Potential Dangers in Your Home Sweet Home

There’s no place like home. It’s where you feel safe, comfortable and cozy…and that’s a good thing. However, even inside your safe haven there can be some potentially dangerous areas or situations. Here’s our list of the top 10 potential dangers in your home.

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FAQ | 04.25.16

Windows 101 – Understanding window jargon

Every house has windows and eventually those will need to be upgraded or replaced. When you are planning to remodel, windows are always an important part of design plan. Last week I blogged about common remodeling jargon and while I was writing I realized that windows have so many terms it would be easiest to dedicate one blog to the subject.

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Love Where You Live | 04.17.16

Understanding Remodeling Jargon

Every industry has its own jargon, and that’s especially true of the remodeling and construction industry. At Thompson Remodeling, we make sure that our clients understand their project plans, the design and construction process, and do our best to avoid using a lot of remodeling jargon. That being said, if you are going to remodel, it’s always helpful to know the common terms used in the industry as sometimes there’s just no other way to say it!

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Bathrooms | 04.8.16

FAQ: What’s better - granite or quartz countertops?

Granite Vs. Quartz With as many kitchen and bathroom remodels we design every year, we hear this question from many homeowners and we are happy to help them make the right decision for their project. To determine if granite or quartz is a better choice for you depends on several factors and both materials have their pros and cons.

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FAQ | 03.26.16

What you should know before you tackle a DIY demo.

Before most renovations can start, you have to tear down or demolish what’s currently in place. This can range from walls to cabinets and even tearing out old plumbing fixtures and appliances. Many clients ask us if they can do the demo themselves to save money on their project. Depending on the complexity of the demo, it’s not an easy yes or no answer. Most often we would recommend that our clients not take on a DIY demo due to the potential safety hazards you may encounter during the process. Safety is always our main concern, but there are several others reasons that you may not realize.

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Thompson Tips | 03.7.16

The Best Kid and Pet Friendly Flooring Options

If your household includes children or pets, your flooring can take a beating. You should select a material that can withstand the wear and tear of little feet and paws running around and the accidents that will inevitably occur. Fortunately, today there are many great choices you can make without sacrificing style and comfort.

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