The 80-Minute Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Limited free time and too long a list?  We can help!

1. Buy a case of furnace filters (12) and replace it each month.

2. Deep clean the the inside of the house to reduce allergies.  Hire a pro if needed.

3. Be sure gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and other debris. Read more

Thompson Remodeling’s Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Well, it’s officially Spring! Finally, warmer weather is on the horizon. During the winter our homes take a beating.  The freezing temperatures, ice and snow can cause damage so it’s important to perform seasonal maintenance to keep your home in tip-top shape.  To help you prepare, we’ve put together this list of spring home maintenance tips. Read more

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home!

Don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon? That’s OK because savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to increase their home’s value.

There are dozens of simple and easy home maintenance tasks you can perform that will greatly increase the value of your home. But before we begin, let me share with you a few home improvements that may actually end up decreasing the value of our home. One example is the backyard pool. Many home shoppers do not want the responsibility of maintaining a pool or hot tub. In fact, those in the market for buying a home often cite a swimming pool as a major stumbling block.

From a resale point of view, you’d be much better off investing your money in a snazzy new kitchen or bathroom. These two improvements top the list of value-added renovations, often recouping 70 to 90 percent or more of their investment cost upon resale. New kitchens and baths have been shown to lead to easier, faster sales. Other value-wise renovations include the replacement of old windows and doors with new, energy efficient models. Landscaping features such as decks also add value. Keep in mind that the quality of work can greatly impact resale value. It’s worth the time and expense of having it done right!

Large-scale renovations aren’t the only way to build up your home’s value. A quality interior paint job just before our home goes on the market will usually pay for itself many times over.

Here’s a quick checklist of easy ways you can bolster your home’s resale value:


  • Well maintained gutters and downspouts
  • Good roof
  • Lights working
  • Fencing in good condition
  • Well maintained driveway
  • Mowed lawn and well kept plantings


  • No cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Fresh paintwork
  • All electrical switches working
  • No signs of leaks
  • Easy opening doors and windows
  • Floors in good condition

Kitchen & Bathrooms:

  • No leaking faucets
  • Clean, newer grouting
  • Cracked tiles replaced
  • Attractive, clean cabinets and counters
  • Caulking in good condition
  • No stained sinks
  • All appliances and fixtures operating

Q & A: Should you have your air ducts cleaned?

Q: Should you have your air ducts cleaned?

A: Signs your air ducts need to be cleaned:

1.) You can see substantial mold growth inside your ducts or on other parts of our HVAC unit. Mold can only be determined by an expert and may need to be sent to a lab for confirmation. Read more

5 Random Tools We Like

These are five, universal tools that everyone can use.  Enjoy chores made easy!

1) Autobit screwdriver from Woodcraft in Kentwood or online.

2) LED Flashlights – buy yourself a 3 pack and stash them around the house.  One place I keep one is in my dresser, another is the junk drawer in the kitchen.  Another clever spot to stash one is at the electrical box.  When the lights go out, I know where to find one. Here is an example from Amazon.

3) Folding Ladder – Little Giant or I bought a simple Werner version at Menards for $89.  Here it is on Amazon.

Bernzomatic 19170 TX405 Spark Lighter and Flints

4) Basic blow torch – My primary purpose for this is as fire starter.  Pistol grip is easiest ($25ish) or the old school valve that you’ll use a flint sparker to start is the manliest for $8ish.  You can buy the propane canisters at any hardware store.

Ames True Temper Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake With 48-Inch Cushion Grip Wood Handle 1906500

5) No clog rakes by True Temper – cushy handle prevents blisters and tine design saves the hassle of releasing leave clumps from the tines. Buy on Amazon or at a local hardware store.

Bonus Tool: Log Tote

Uniflame Heavy Weight Canvas Log Tote with Closed Ends

A log carrier allows you to carry more, stay clean yourself, and not have to sweep your floors after you bring logs in the house to start a fire.  Inexpensive + Smart = Cool. You can buy it on Amazon.

Fun note: This content was shared on the final LIVE episode of the Thompson Remodeling Home Improvement Show on Newsradio WOOD 1300 & 106.9  on 9/3/11