Bathrooms | 07.2.17

A Guide to Granite Finishes

Your countertop selection is a key design component for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Granite is a great option for homeowners who want to use a natural material with unique patterns and features. Once you find that perfect piece of granite, the next thing you have to determine is the finish you would like. There are three types of granite finishes: polished, honed, and rough. One may lend itself better than another based on the design aesthetic you wish to create.

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Kitchens | 06.30.17

Kitchens Design Tips for Multi-generational Living

Multi-generational living has become very common in the last decade. This type of living arrangement can include older parents that don’t want to live alone, disabled relatives who need assistance, and even children who have left the nest that have come back after college. With that in mind, a household may have family members that range in age from under a year to the eighties and nineties. But if you think about it for a moment, do you think your kitchen could handle the needs of everyone in that family?

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Bathrooms | 05.7.17

Be Careful Not to Make These Common Building Code Violations

May is officially National Home Improvement Month! When the weather warms up, homeowners start getting the itch to make updates to their home. Taking care of your biggest investment is definitely worth your time and is very rewarding once the project is complete. Perhaps you want to improve your outdoor areas or maybe one of your bathrooms needs some updating. Whatever the case may be, there are some important building code violations that are commonly made, unknowingly by DIY remodelers. We’d like to bring these to your attention, so you can avoid making them yourselves.

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Love Where You Live | 04.30.17

A Laundry Room that Maximizes Space & Functionality

Laundry rooms are a critical space in every home, yet they rarely get the design attention they deserve. Households of all sizes need a spot for the washer and dryer, but let’s face it, when they are shoved into small closet spaces in the hallway or tucked into the kitchen, those areas end up being a catch-all space for laundry bins and hampers and cause a traffic jam. The most functional laundry rooms incorporate enough space for your appliances, folding, a sink, and storage for detergents.

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Love Where You Live | 04.12.17

Family Friendly Remodeling Projects

Durability, functionality and safety are important considerations of a remodeling plan especially when your household includes children. Knowing that your flooring can handle the daily activities without scratching or that you actually have a place for all the kids to store their book bags and sports equipment can really provide some peace of mind. If your home could use some improvements to better suit your family’s lifestyle, here are several suggestions on projects you might want to consider.

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Trends | 03.2.17

Six Ideas for Using Reclaimed Materials in Your Kitchen Remodel

The use of reclaimed and recycled materials has become extremely popular in remodeling. Although it may have started as a trend, it has now become more mainstream to look for ways to incorporate salvaged materials into remodeling designs. It’s really a win-win decision. Not only can homeowners and remodelers feel good about using environmentally friendly materials, but they can also enjoy the unique character that reclaimed items bring to a remodeled space. If you love the concept but don’t know where to start, here are some ideas on how you can reuse, recycle or upcycle in a kitchen remodel.

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Care & Maintenance | 02.24.17

Five Things to Do After Your Remodel is Complete

After months of planning and construction your remodel is finally complete. The production crew and all their tools are gone, the house is quiet again…you finally get to enjoy your improved spaces. This is cause for celebration! We encourage you to invite your friends and family over to show them your newly improved home, after all they will be anxious to see how things turned out.   After you’ve hosted your party, or even before, here are few things we suggest that you do after your remodel is complete.

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Bathrooms | 12.5.16

Bathroom Remodel Story: Retro Bath Gets a Classic Update

Project Story:  This master bathroom was out-of-date and the homeowners couldn't wait to see their retro vanity and flooring disappear.  The existing white tiled countertop made you feel like you had time traveled back to the 70’s.  The homeowner told us the bathroom felt “gross” and the counters was really hard to clean. They wanted to update the space to be more cohesive with the rest of their home. She had a very specific design aesthetic: light, clean, and airy.  Updating all the finishes and improving the shower footprint were critical to a successful design.

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Love Where You Live | 08.29.16

A Kitchen Remodel Story: Bulkheads Begone!

Several decades ago, it was commonplace to install hanging kitchen cabinets that could be accessed from two sides. Typically they would be hung beneath a bulkhead and would partially block the view in and out of the kitchen.  In the case of this Grand Rapids remodeling story, the kitchen included this design element as well as bulkheads above all of the cabinets and doorways. Our clients requested a design that would make their kitchen feel more connected to the rest of their home.

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Love Where You Live | 08.20.16

Project Spotlight - Outdated Bathroom Gets Amazing Makeover

The before and after photos of this bathroom remodel are so dramatic they will make you look twice! Many Grand Rapids homeowners have an outdated bathroom or two in their homes that they want to update. For this project, our client's requested a major refresh of their main bathroom without making any structural changes. Aesthetically, they wanted the bathroom to be done in whites and grays, but still have a masculine feel.

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Love Where You Live | 07.19.16

Combine Your Remodeling Projects to Save Money

Most Grand Rapids homeowners have a wish list of items they would like to improve in their home - maybe a kitchen remodel, updating the powder room, adding a mudroom, and finishing the basement. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all done at once? Would you be surprised to know that you could actually save money by having your remodeler complete the work at the same time? Yes it’s true; you can actually save money by combining remodeling projects.

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Love Where You Live | 06.25.16

Project Spotlight: A Mudroom Remodel with Mucho Storage & Style

Here's a remodeling story that's close to my heart.  In fact, it's actually about my own home! Have you noticed how popular mudrooms remodels have become over the past several years? Well, when you have a family of five, including three youngsters and a dog, it really becomes a necessity. Unfortunately, our home didn't have one and we were in desperate need to create a space to manage our comings and goings that would connect to the rest of our home. Kristin came up with a fantastic design that not only allowed us to do just that, but it also included space for our guests and a family command center.

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